Stephen Meuris

Wealth Manager



I have worked in the financial services the last thirteen years.  I began my career at Charles Schwab and was part of the internet revolution for individual investors.    While online brokers gave clients unprecedented access to information and reduced trading costs, this did not necessarily translate into better investment decisions as the boom and bust made clear.   By that time, I was on the research side of the San Francisco investment bank, Robertson Stephens.  I experienced firsthand some of the conflicts of interest that influenced the financial services industry.

After completing my MBA at the University of San Francisco, I moved to the alternative investment space, selling various investment partnerships through financial advisors. It was during this time that I experienced what I can only describe as a crisis of conscience. My personal misgivings about the investment business were further confirmed by the global financial crises that followed.

I questioned if I even wanted to continue my career in the investment industry.  However, I had worked with a few financial advisors (and read articles and blog posts by more) who were leading a revolution in the world of financial advice and investment management.  I joined the group, Topel and DiStasi Wealth Management in Berkeley, CA and spent the next four years learning and developing my philosophy on financial planning and investment management. 

Having lived in San Francisco for 30 years, I have strong connection to the City.  Professionally I have developed a great network of real estate, legal and financial professionals. Outside of work, I spend my time entertaining friends, cooking, travelling, and getting to yoga class.  I also do volunteer work including acting as the San Francisco Chapter Director for the Foundation for Personal Financial Education.